Preschool is a space for children to grow outside their family’s environment. Through this preschool, children get to learn spiritual value and gaining knowledge along with creativity. Besides that, Gema Nurani has an aim for every student to understand the basic of Iman and Taqwa to Allah SWT. To be able to reach that aim, we designed an education system with the aspects of language, memory, auditory, auditory observation, visual, visual memory, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, thinking skills and social emotional.

Learning is packed with IHES curriculum (Integrated and Holistic Education System) that consist of: Al Islam core (Al Quran and Sunnah), as the spiritual base to develop Rabbani generation and becoming a good example in the society. National curriculum as the student’s basic skill which content language, math, science, P.E, art and creativity For Co-curriculum, Gema Nurani has some activities such as swimming and extracurricular to hone independence, life skill, physical strength and interpersonal skill. Furthermore, the children will be learning international language skill with our expert team.