Integrated Islamic Lower Secondary School Gema Nurani is an advanced level after students graduate from elementary school. At this level student enter the search phase of identity, this phase is also quite heavy for parents to face. During this period, a child will be bolder than before, have high curiosity about everything and start to open themselves

The presence of Gema Nurani is a medium or container for parents to entrust their children to get the best education. Intellectual and spiritual intelligence can certainly be honed and developed early. In addition, character building through embedding 18 positive character, and morals are also a focus for educators in schools. Various supporting programs for the achievement of the ideals of the ummah, the vision of the mission of PITH Gema Nurani, among them are the LTQ (Lembaga Tahfidz Quran) with the method of Qiroati and Tahfidz Class. Alhamdulillah, there have been many achievements up to the national level. This program is implemented in all institutions starting from kindergarten, elementary, and Secondary school. In addition, extracurricular activities are complete; futsal, pencak silat, taekwondo, badminton, archery, basketball, robotic, and compulsory extracurricular activities namely scouting and mentoring.