SMAIT Gema Nurani

Integrated Islamic Upper Secondary School Gema Nurani has been opening new student registrations since year 2008. The idea of established Gema Nurani is based on shared anxiety about the current lifestyle and adolescent relationships. Therefore, SMAIT Gema Nurani focuses on preparing the nation's sons and daughters as the womb of civilization as well as the Islamic future leader.

Mother Father ... survey from KPAI and Ministry of Health in October 2013 said that 62.7% of teenagers in Indonesia had sex outside of marriage, 20% of 94,270 women who experienced pregnancy outside of marriage also came from adolescents and 21% had ever have an abortion. Then in cases of HIV infection in the span of 3 months as many as 10,203 cases, 30% of sufferers were teenagers. Other problems, baby babies born without being known by their father, sexual violence, lacking skills that eventually plunge themselves. This fact makes women always as victims sma who suffer the most.

In order not to become a victim, of course every boy and girl must be equipped with sufficient knowledge, namely through continuous coaching from an early age. Therefore, Gema Nurani as a joint solution and effort from the education sector to prevent these things by presenting a sustainable development program.

Apart from preparing student with better Iman and Taqwa, we also focus to deliver students to Public University in Indonesia and abroad. Many Gema Nurani graduates were accepted not only in the best Indonesian University such as University of Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology, and Bogor Institute of agriculture but also great overseas University in United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, South Korea, Malaysia and etc. Are you ready to make our sons and daughters leaders and agent of civilizations?

Meet the Teachers

Kepala Unit
Moh. Yusuf, S.Pd
Waka Kurikulum
Widiyati, S.S
Waka Tarbiyyah
Naeni Kurniasari, A.Md, Ak
Waka Kesiswaan
Zulhendri, S.Pd