As the only Primary School in Bekasi that has an acceleration permit, the Integrated Islamic School Gema Nurani is a school that applies the Quranic Generation Development Program system. A system that is based on the Qur'an and As Sunnah in order to discern the character of the students to shape the mindset of students to love God, Islam, and the Sunnah. From all of that, it is hoped that the generation we build can become a generation of rabbani with Qur'ani character and produce well human beings.

The percentage of Islamic and academic education in Gema Nurani is balanced, not only prioritizing Al Qur'an but also English, as we have native English teacher from Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. We have lots and lots academic achievement individually and in group. We also have competent teaching staff from graduates of renowned universities in Indonesia. At school, students can choose from available extracurricular activities such as science clubs, robotic, archery, futsal, taekwondo and Pencak Silat.