QUBA stands for Quran Unifies Brain and Attitude is the only that located in Nothern Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia. QUBA is a pioneer project conducted by Gema Nurani Islamic School since 2008 for Primary and 2010 for Secondary. It is a sister school of ADNI School Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Gema Nurani wants to apply the Integrated and Holistic Education System (IHES) in all activity in its school. Gema Nurani also conduct international exam program as it did in Adni, that is IGCSE O Level for Secondary and Cambridge Check point for primary level. We have a goal, to prepare pious and professional leaders. International curriculum attendance in order to answer the needs of the community, this means delivering services of the highest quality of education. IHES and Cambridge International Curriculum

Principles of Integrated and Holistic Education System is a solid platform and is intended to unleash the potential of the students with the right system and curriculum, facilities and media optimization, pattern, direction and clear objectives are based on the values of the Qur’an and Sunnah. This is what is at the core of an integrated and holistic education (IHES). Model Integrated and Holistic education is the most appropriate to build a complete civilization because this model is sustainable system based on the tarbiyah program in the information of the Qur’an as a whole have a certain generation in terms of intellectual, emotional, and physical ruhiyah the world are focused on achieving success (career) and salvation hereafter. While Cambridge International Curriculum push the critical thinking of student to not only memorize or remember but also deepen the students’ understanding the knowledge.


“Developing excellent, holistic individuals towards building an excellent generation based on tottal sumbission to Allah SWT”


“Where education is aimed at a balanced growth of personality through tarbiyyah of the spirit, the intellect, the emotions and the physcial willingly and joyfully for thesake of Allah SWT

Meet the Teachers

Dwi Sutanti
Head of Quba Islamic School
Ika Mulia Nuryanti
Vice Headmistreess of Curriculum
Prima Widya
Vice Headmistreess of Student Affair
Retno Mustikarini
Vice Headmistreess of BPI